RVA Goats and Honey is a small business run out of our local farm by Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield, Virginia. We have over 100 animals and use our goats and sheep to clear brush, weeds, and invasive species. Our animals are also available for petting zoos. We also specialize in all things honey bee selling raw wildflower honey and pollen as well as mentoring beekeepers and offering hive set up and maintenance.

The farm is owned and managed by Kristi Orcutt, a long time Chesterfield resident. For over 20 years, Kristi worked in environmental education in parks and gardens in the RVA area before moving to farming full time. In addition to working with the animals, Kristi gives talks and presentations on beekeeping to clubs and classrooms.

Castor is the chief Livestock Guardian Dog for RVA Goats. He is a Great Pyrenees – Maremma mix. He loves his herd (unless they try to eat his food), and the people that feed him. His job is to protect the herd wherever they are, and he’s really good at it! He keeps them safe by checking the perimeter of the fence whenever we get to a new site, and keeping a watchful eye. Just his scent is usually enough to keep predators away! He’s wary of strangers and takes nap time very seriously, so don’t be offended if he’s not interested in you or barks.